High Calibre Apparels

High Calibre Apparels

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What to Wear to the Gym?

Comfort and quality: two adjectives to describe the sports clothing which are ideal to wear in the gym, in the open air or in the equipment room made of between the walls of the home. To be able to exercise in freedom, it is essential to dress in comfortable clothing that will facilitate the movement, and made of fiber that is breathable, to promote sweating without blocking it. Heads synthetic and overly tight can cause problems of irritation and poor blood circulation. During the training the tissues and muscles need to be sprinkled with blood, and wrapping clothing stretch may therefore prevent the oxygenation.

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Rule number one: clothing “onion”! In the gym, it is a good idea to dress in layers just like a personal trainer or professional sports so as to lighten its clothing as you increase the intensity of the activity. Wear pants or shorts, t-shirt with short sleeves and a sweatshirt or micro-fleece or pull-over flannel.

In the heating phase, in which generally you fatigue a little, it is good to stay covered by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, then when the exercise becomes more intense it is appropriate to have wearing only the t-shirt. Only for the training concluded, i.e. during the phase of stretching is appropriate to wear the sweatshirt to avoid the lowering of the muscle temperature.

Now let's see the specific characteristics that must have every single item of clothing from the gym:

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 Are the preferred socks of sponge specially created for sports? Socks that are too tight causing problems of circulation and tissues such as the lisle or silk does not absorb sweat. The nylon then hangs even breathability. The big brands of sports clothes offer socks with padding for the fingers, the heel and the ankle, and recommend the purchase of garments manufactured from materials which facilitate the aeration of the sole of the foot.


A garment that is inevitable in the wardrobe of those who carries out activities static physical such as lifting weights. The singlet of mixed fabric-wool or cotton allows to maintain a constant body temperature and to prevent cooling. It also enables you to perform the movements in complete freedom.

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For best fit, the pants must be made of breathable fabric and have flat seams and small. Also advisable to wear long pants if you are working on machinery and/or static weights. Short pants are recommended if you are training on equipment and furniture such as stationary bikes and treadmills. To men who love the short, we recommend the use of shorts with inner briefs, especially during the summer season, when the overlapping of garments and elastic at the waist can be particularly annoying.

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Essential accessory to ensure a correct execution of the exercise and give the right posture to the body. Experts advise, choose shoes with arch support inside. The key factor for the choice of the model is the type of physical activity you intend to play.
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For the enhancement exercises of the muscles are indicated with simple sneakers. Aerobics, basketball, step, jogging and any other activities that require fast movements and quick and that can cause distortion it is essential to use shoes that contain ankle and having a sole cushioning to protect your heels. The heel is in fact a disorder widely popular among sports enthusiasts dynamic. Any model of the shoe you choose is essential, prefer breathable materials, natural and allow the foot to maintain a good level of comfort.


Any, as long as comfortable, breathable and anatomical. The t-shirt and pants should ensure the breathability of the skin and freedom of movement. At CalibreApparel.com, you can easily find famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Sport-tek, Augusta, Tri-mountain and Holloway offering tops and tank tops for men and women with anatomical shapes, sports bra integrated and support for sports activities to high-impact.


Fabrics allow you to absorb and then move away the sweat from the skin, giving, for the whole duration of the training session, a pleasant feeling of dryness. Tank tops, shirts or tops of cotton and microfiber are essential for preventing illnesses and to maintain the right heat, whether you are exercising in a heated environment, or you run in the open air. The garments made from fabrics antiperspirant or acrylic, instead are to be avoided because in addition to blocking the passage of oxygen, can create eczema, dermatitis, and allergic reactions that manifest with redness, itching, and burning of the skin. Discomfort widespread among sportsmen improvised that, if not taken in time, can cause serious disorders.

Important is also the choice of color of t-shirt, shorts and tracksuits. Have always preferred the natural colors, or any color for which the tolerance has been tested in the laboratory. The danger is that when sweating, the fabric releases onto the skin particles of color irritants. Attention as well to the right consistency of the garments. Pants or sweats that are too thick and warm to prevent the skin to breathe. Best to use lightweight fabrics.


Gym apparels - Wearable for women

For him and for her, it must ensure wearability and permeability. During the sports activity, in fact, the friction between the clothes and the skin increases, so it becomes essential to wear the garments to avoid irritation and trauma to the skin. The garments that are most suitable are those made of antibacterial fabric, with stitching ultra-thin and able to transport quickly the humidity. The council is also to buy underwear more or less light depending on the season in which you train. The more the temperatures increase the more it is advisable to wear light airy clothing to the Gym.

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